Arbitration in Iran

Arbitration is a part of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR).Other popular ADR processes are Conciliation and Mediation.
The two main arbitration institutions are the Tehran Regional Arbitration Centre (TRAC) and the Arbitration Center of The Iran Chamber (ACIC).
Domestic arbitration is governed by specific provisions of the civil procedure code of Iran (CPC).International arbitration is governed by the law of International Commercial Arbitration (LICA), which was adopted in 1997 and is based on the UNCITRAL model law.
Some important considerations whilst exercising arbitration are:
•    The arbitration clause
•    Seat of arbitration
•    Arbitrators- Number of arbitrators and selection process
•    Language(s) of the arbitrators
•    Applicability of arbitration laws and rules
•    Jurisdiction of court
Our attorneys have extensive experience representing parties during arbitration proceedings, as well as ensuring performance and enforcement of arbitral awards. Most of the times, clients require legal assistance before a dispute exists, or prior to initiating legal proceedings. Our services include helping them address certain pre-dispute considerations and counseling them prior to formulating and negotiating the arbitration process.
The firm assists the clients tailor specific dispute resolution tools specifically adapted to their operation and business objectives, and help them anticipate legal and economical risks in an international context.
Our attorneys will assist you to draft a dispute resolution clause, negotiate an arbitration agreement and will advise you on the consequences of including the dispute clause in their contracts.
The firm’s experience and network of contacts suggests that we are well-placed to recommend suitably-qualified arbitrators when necessary and mandated.
Throughout the arbitration process our attorneys advise and represent our clients by rendering the following services:
•    Amicable dispute resolution
•    Litigation in support of arbitration
•    Representation during arbitration proceeding
•    Ensure performance of arbitral awards
•    Request and process to set aside an arbitration award
Our attorneys are committed to offer our clients a personalized, step by step service to help them understand the implications of dispute resolution proceedings with utmost chances of a successful income.